"Ned Amber’s recent drawings, photographs, and films focus on the contemporary state of humanity’s decline: the decay of the great cities, the plight of economic ruin, the worship of celebrity culture, narcissistic sexed-out exhibitionism, over-inflated egos, industrial society's disregard for the enviornment, and its futile attempts to colonize the entire planet. Ambler's work shows Mother Earth slowly beginning to reclaim her territory.

Influenced by the punk aesthetic and documentary film traditions, he has a style which is both gritty and dreamlike. Whether producing haunting black and white drawings made with a Sharpie Marker, revealing portraits using simple point-and-shoot cameras, or provocative zero-budget films starring his sub-lebrity friends, Ambler's work demonstrates how one can be evocative, while also resourceful in economic and spiritual crisis."

-Rupert Goldsworthy